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Tales to Live By

Stepping into the stories that gather and guide us
"What a lovely, safe, intimate space - a place to unfold, to be witnessed and acknowledged - it was a pleasure to be part of."
"I am still rekindling my experience of your Living Room space. It was such a welcoming, delightful, warm and liberal atmosphere and had a hug-like energy and vibe to it."
"I really enjoyed the evening, it was entertaining, enlightening and gave me pause for thought about the way I live my life."
Living Room

Welcome to the Living Room

Commmunity events with heart & soul

Our Living Room sessions are cosy, comfortable and convivial spaces for us to gather, relax, meet new people and experience the beauty and talent of the people we share our city with.

Combining storytelling, music, poetry and other surprises, they offer us a chance to gently explore life’s big and small questions together, in creative and playful ways.

All are welcome!

Next Event

Next Event

May 24


6.45 pm

Care Nest,
Union street, Plymouth

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About Us

About Us

Tales to Live By is a collaboration between Crazy Beautiful World CIC and Care Nest Plymouth CIC. It is made up of three creative practitioners who have come together to explore how  storytelling, art and togetherness can grow healthy, supportive communities, where we can all thrive.

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